Easy Rider

Easy Does it

Nope, I’m not Wyatt. Nor Billy.

Bob’s Excellent Adventure is not about some counterculture dude on a road trip.

Wait a minute.

Maybe it is – at least a wee bit. It is a Plan B* road trip after all!

Bob Hawkesworth sitting in recumbent tricycle
Definitely not Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper

What I want to mean by “Easy Rider” is that everyone, and I mean Everyone on wheels is faster than me.  Little kids and octogenarians alike. They all whiz past me. I have yet to overtake a single biker.

And the guys on bikes wearing the spandex?

I can hardly say “Dobrý den”, before they are half a kilometre down the road.

Two cyclists riding through a forest

Just call me your turtle traveler. Your plodder blogger. Your slacker tracker.

Motorist speed display monitor
Independent verification, if needed. No excessive speeding laws were broken in the making of this adventure (so far)

For the record, I travelled a distance of 80+ kms in the first three days. That’s an average of about 4 times faster than walking. I’m certainly not breaking any land speed records.

Pedaling a recumbent tricycle uses different muscles from walking. So, I’m taking it easy. Getting into a routine, into shape and setting a manageable pace.

View over Moravian Hills in Czech Republic
At the top of the first hill. Whew! And a view worth the effort.

Most importantly (for me) I’m taking the time to enjoy the journey. I’m learning the joys of slow travel.

Slow travel has its own rewards, something our culture has lost.

Small motor boats travelling through a lock in a canal in Moravia, Czech Republic
Another form of slow travel. Small motor boats navigate through a lock in a canal near Uhersky Ostroh, Czech Republic

It takes time to notice all the gifts hidden in plain view.

Easy does it. But easy doesn’t come easily.


I’ve discovered a few of those gifts by being mindful of the present without a deadline to meet or even a destination to keep. Here are a few from just one day to share with you.


Cherry tree
Cherries! Free! For the taking. Who in their right mind would race past an opportunity like this?



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Czech Out Plan B* – for *Beer and *Bar!

Olomouc, Czech Republic has to be one of the prettiest towns in Europe you’ve probably never heard of.

But I didn’t know that at the time I was riding the tram into town from the railway station. All I could see at my tram stop was this:

Street corner in Olomouc, Czech Republic with Plan B sign over the door
Plan B Bar, Olomouc, Czech Republic

I dropped my bags at the hotel and immediately came back. Dear readers, I had to learn more.


I asked the server, “Where did the name ‘Plan B’ come from?”

She said: “The owners had, you know, a club. But it went out. It closed. So, this was their next business. They wanted to try again.”

Sign Outside Plan B Bar in Olomouc, Czech Republic
Sign Outside Plan B Bar and Caffee House in Olomouc. Plan B isn’t always something you want. But it may be something you need. Just ask Mom.

So, there you have it. You can travel half way around the planet and find others who have the same name for the same experiences.

Bob’s Excellent Adventure now even has it’s own bar and coffee house!