Welcome to the Plan B* site!

*B as in ”BOB”. *B as in “BE”. *B as in “BETTER”. *B as in “BIKING”. *B as in “BUILDING”. *B as in “BREAKTHROUGHS”. *B as  in “BARS AND BEER”. *B as in “BY-PASSING BOUNDARIES”. *B as in “BIDDING FAREWELL”. *B as in “BIONX”. *B as in “BARCELONA”. *B as in “BLISS”. *B as in “BLUE SEAS” *B as in “BASEBALL”…… This blog will explore all those dimensions and more.

About This Site

What do you do when “shifts” happen?

You turn to “Plan B”.

The working hypothesis of this site is that Plan B brings out our creativity; makes us dig deeper. Plan B is where we do our best work. In fact, we can’t find our true purpose until we embrace the gifts of adversity. Plan B does that.

When your journey takes a turn, it’s your turn to take a journey.

Please join me. I’m wanting to learn what still lies ahead. Share your insights. Contribute your feedback. I’d love to hear from you!

Let the journey begin……

Follow Along

As I encounter people along my path over the next few months, I will intermittently report on conversations, insights and lessons learned. What are the “shifts” they’ve experienced? How have they changed their plans in response?

Bob’s Blog

Remembrance Day 2017

Commemorating Remembrance Day is never complete without a reading of “In Flanders Fields”. The iconic poem was written by Major John McCrae in 1915 after the death of a friend during the battle of Ypres. It is a short poem. But the three stanzas pack a great deal of emotional power:   In Flanders fields …

*Blue Jays Baseball!

August 26 –  a beautiful summer day in Toronto. A perfect day in fact, to watch the boys of summer play baseball at the Rogers Centre. And it was definitely a Plan B* game for the Toronto Blue Jays. They had dropped their game with the Minnesota Twins the previous night, 6 – 1. Sitting in last place in their division, …